One Tree Planted is a U.S. charity focused on global reforestation. They plant trees all around the world. Their model is simple so that anyone can get involved: $1 plants 1 tree. The 2019-2020 fire season in Australia has caused unprecedented damage to the landscape and native ecosystems. One Tree Planted are working with local organizations to identify areas that are best suited to post-fire reforestation. Their projects focus on creating habitat for endangered wildlife, restoring soil health in degraded agricultural landscapes, and helping the native ecosystem recover after unprecedented bushfires. While trees for this project will not go in the ground until the fire season has finished and the soil is ready for plantation, support will help make sure they’re ready to hit the ground running and repair the country’s beautiful and iconic landscape once planting season hits. One Tree Planted are expecting to have the ability to contribute to the restoration of over 6 million trees across the country in 2020-21, thanks to their generous donors’ ongoing support.