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This is a call of the smallest generation (who can't plant themselves yet) to all adults to answer for their actions! It depends only on us what the house in which our children live will be like. This is the philosophy of #Mamaplantatree: "Let’s help our children to remove the consequences of our actions behind us." WHAT WE PLANT and FOR WHAT? These are new forests between fields, or FILTER WOODLINEs between field and towns to prevent dust storms; between lakes and towns to prevent wind storms; along roads to absorb CO2 and filter gas emissions to protect along living areas. CHALLENGE 2021. This year we can reforest more 340 ha of land, more than 3 million of new trees can be planted. SPECIES KIND. Species planted vary from region to region and for every planting site is being confirmed with local ecologist, who authorize the plants type. These are our first locations, where woodline is needed as a protection from dust storms (more will follow). In Agroforestry these are pines, birthces, oaks are main. Along other sites, they maybe: acacia, maple, chestnut, linden trees etc

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