Our project consists of an organic farm since 1984, with vegetable cultivation, bakery and nowadays also a small sheep herd.

It is an old farm, with around 12.5 hectares of meadows, fields, orchards, streams, ponds and forests.

It has become a small "eco-village" with nearly 40 inhabitants from 1 to 67 years old, who work in these activities (permaculture, herding sheep, baking bread, etc.) and also beyond. We're also open - if the covid goes away! - for internships and training in personal development, or other fine projects.

A year ago we started a new permaculture design in different locations on the farm, with a more collective life and collaboration. With these extra trees we want to make windbreaks around our crops, and also produce some firewood. We strive for good food and energy autonomy for this collective, and if possible various surpluses that can be used or sold by others.

With the support of Tree Plan 272 trees were planted.