CA/ST Casting Studio buys 100 trees

Updated: Mar 16

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Founded in 1995, CA/ST Casting Studio is currently run by casting directors Kris De Meester and Arno Steenackers. The agency selects actors, models and ‘people’ for various clients such as production companies, advertising agencies and photographers. Starting from 2020 they've committed the agency to plant a single tree for each booking. In order to get started CA/ST Casting Studio committed to at least 100 trees.

The 100 trees were divided between the following tree planting projects:

Faja Lobi in Idiofa (Congo), Malizia Mangrove Park (Philippines), California Camp Fire Restoration (USA) and Kasungu Indigenous Reforestation (Malawi).

Supporting Partner: CA/ST Casting Studio (

Planted trees receipts: