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Natuurpunt is a Flemish NGO dedicated to nature conservation for more than half a century. We specialise in creating and managing nature reserves. We manage 26.000 ha of nature in Flanders at this moment. To do this we can count on several professional field teams and on many thousands of volunteers, who make out the very heart of our organisation. We organise courses, field trips, walks; we study nature and gather scientific information; we give nature a voice when talking to local and national politicians and other organisations. We have gathered a lot of experience in what we do. The government and even the European Commission see us as a reliable partner. They grant us subsidies and projects. 123.000 families are member of our organization and pay an annual contribution to support our work. Urgency Forests everywhere in the world are having a difficult time. Flanders is the less wooded region in Europe. Only 11% of our region is wooded. The existing woods are getting smaller and less biodiverse. That is a problem because woods can play an important part in tackling climate change. They capture carbon dioxide, produce oxygen, retain water and regulate temperature. That is why Natuurpunt has made the commitment to create 700 ha of woods in Flanders by 2024. That means 1.750.000 trees! Half of it will be planted, the other half will be natural regeneration. LONG TERM PROTECTION

Natuurpunt owns this land, So we can ensure that this will stay a forest. Our local volunteers check it regularly and monitor the growth. Start planting.

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Cinematory LLC & Tarkovski Ltd / The Bigger Screen has teamed up to offset their carbon footprint.

Together, the two companies have more than 20 film events scheduled for the year 2023. These events include leading film festivals such as the Brussels Independent Film Festival, the Boston Short Film Festival, the Venice Film Week, the Manhattan Independent Film Festival, the Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival, The Producer's Night Los Angeles, Doc.Berlin, Super Shorts Film Festival, and many more.

Each year the two companies calculate the carbon footprint of their projects and compensates this with planting trees through

The calculation includes the duration of the events, the number of participants, the number of staff, the heated area, the air conditioned area, how the participants arrive at the event, whether the participants had overnight stays, catering, the power consumption and how much of this is green energy, printed material, use of plastics, use of recyclable material and the produced waste.

The total amount of 10,000 trees are going to be planted with the following projects: Rainforest Reliance “Ecopower Initiative Biosphere Bosawas” in Nicaragua, Eden Reforestation Projects - Mozambique, Madagascar, Nepal and Haiti.

Maarten Cornelis (Cinematory) on working together with " is very efficient when it comes to putting intentions into action. They've assisted us with converting our carbon footprint to offsetting it with planting trees. They work with reforestation projects all over the world making it possible to choose within these projects according to your available budget".

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In order to offset their carbon footprint of their 2023 film festival, the Ghent International Short Film Festival teamed up with Tree Plan and planted 200 trees at the Ecopower International Initiative LLC in Nicaragua.

Ghent International Short Film Festival recognizes the important role short films have in cinema, storytelling, and culture. The festival discovers, supports and develops new talent in filmmaking, providing a platform for emerging and established filmmakers from around the world. The Ghent International Short Film Festival is a new annual event that aims to screen up to 100 short films.

Connecting industry and audiences, the festival celebrates the creativity, diversity and impact of short film. There will be unmissable evening screenings where audiences can watch the best new short films from upcoming talent, and opportunities to network with the industry. So whether you are a filmmaker looking to launch or develop your career, an industry professional wanting to stay ahead of the game or a film lover wanting to soak up the festival atmosphere by watching great films, the Ghent International Short Film Festival is the place to be. Next to the international selection of short films we'll also program a special 'Kids Proof' selection of innovative films that are suitable for 8-12 year olds.

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