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 Reforesting the planet 

Did you know: Trees are amazing organisms. Every tree captures carbon dioxide and generates oxygen for other people, plants, and animals on earth. Depending on the size and type of tree, a single mature tree can produce enough oxygen for up to 18 people!

"a single mature tree can produce enough oxygen for up to 18 people"

Did you know: humanity destroys 18 million acres of forest every year. That’s billions of trees that are being wiped out year-after-year for building materials, paper manufacture, or to make room for cattle grazing or infrastructure development. At Tree Plan, we want to turn that around. It’s our goal to be part of the solution, ensuring that healthy forests and abundant clean air are available for the coming generations.

Tree Plan is a for-profit business guided by sustainability. Our marketing services combine environmental, social, and commercial goals into a single focus. We work with individuals, businesses and organizations, empowering them to reforest the planet and reconnect with nature while still realizing their business goals. Essentially, we partner with people and with businesses to plant more trees!


When we’re considering which tree planting efforts to support, we weigh each one based on its environmental impact and sustainability before deciding whether or not we can get behind that effort. Some planting programs and organizations focus on planting trees, but their end goal is to cut the trees down once they’ve matured. Projects like that will not receive our support. We want trees that will grow and nourish our world for generations.


Tree Plan is as clear and fresh as a drop of morning dew on lush green leaves. We keep our organization very transparent. On the home page of our website, visitors can see how many trees each business has paid for as well as how many trees each organization has sponsored with Tree Plan. Everything is documented in legal certificates. These records show the numbers of trees financed and how many have been purchased and planted. If a partner pays for 534,235 trees, then Tree Plan will plant exactly 534,235 trees!

Does Tree Plan receive government funding or funding from lobbyists or others?
All funding for Tree Plan comes from the fine folks at our partnering businesses. We do not receive any funds from lobby groups or government organizations. Everything is paid for by business marketing partnerships.


You’ll find the answers and details you need on our legal page!

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