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Western Australia is recognised internationally as a global biodiversity hotspot with rich flora & fauna and unique species. Unfortunately there is an extreme level of threat in the form of historical land clearing for agriculture and ongoing land degradation. Land degradation impacts biodiversity, landscape functionality and ultimately, food production in Western Australia. It has also caused disastrous impacts on the Aboriginal Noongar community. This community was once removed from country, breaking a 65,000+ years of cultural identity and cultural connection to country which supplied food, shelter, clothing and medicines. Through this project, you are supporting the people of the Noongar community that have become active land managers. Commonland works in partnership with the Noongar land managers and Greening Australia. In 2008, the first plantings included Sandalwood, host species and biodiverse planting (to stabilize extreme erosion) on 170 hectares. From 2014 to 2018, biodiverse restoration took place on 300 hectares. In 2020, there is potential to plant 160.000 trees! Help us achieve this goal and restore country in Western Australia.

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One Tree Planted is a U.S. charity focused on global reforestation. They plant trees all around the world. Their model is simple so that anyone can get involved: $1 plants 1 tree. The 2019-2020 fire season in Australia has caused unprecedented damage to the landscape and native ecosystems. One Tree Planted are working with local organizations to identify areas that are best suited to post-fire reforestation. Their projects focus on creating habitat for endangered wildlife, restoring soil health in degraded agricultural landscapes, and helping the native ecosystem recover after unprecedented bushfires. While trees for this project will not go in the ground until the fire season has finished and the soil is ready for plantation, support will help make sure they’re ready to hit the ground running and repair the country’s beautiful and iconic landscape once planting season hits. One Tree Planted are expecting to have the ability to contribute to the restoration of over 6 million trees across the country in 2020-21, thanks to their generous donors’ ongoing support.

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