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 Tree Plan Case Studies 


Below, you will find some recent prime examples of companies that have partnered with Tree Plan. Read more about the varied ways a Tree Plan partnership can benefit different types of businesses.

Case Study: Sydney World Film Festival
(plant a tree for each purchase)


Inspired by the grand screening rooms of the past and born of today’s interconnected world, the Sydney World Film Festival has succeeded in finding its unique voice within the already bustling film festival scene in Australia's largest city. It attracts young independent filmmakers not only for its selection of films, but also for its networking opportunities. The festival, an annual event showcasing independent films with an edge, discovers, supports and develops new talent in filmmaking, providing a platform for emerging and established filmmakers from around the world.

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Before partnering with Tree Plan, admission to the festival was free of charge, allowing for an inclusive audience and always fully booked screenings. 'Fully booked' on paper, that is. Festival guests needed to make reservations, but as entry was free, a number of people sometimes did not show up, resulting in empty seats in the theatre.


The Sydney World Film Festival implemented Tree Plan with the sale of admission tickets. By using Tree Plan's services, Sydney World Film Festival was now able to charge a small fee for admission tickets, all the while keeping true to its inclusive and sustainable vision. For each admission ticket sold, the festival plants a tree through Tree Plan, making it more appealing to pay for a ticket while at the same time discouraging no-shows. As a result, despite the impact of the pandemic in 2021, the festival hosted full house screenings, made a profit, and was able to plant 400 trees.

Case Study: Noah Shark Talent Agency
(attracting talent by planting trees)

Noah Shark Talent Management, treeplan, tree cultivation, co2 neutral, plant a tree, planting, tree plan, environmental governance, tree planting, ecology, marketing


Passion. Motivation. Ambition. These words define the small, elite group of actors and actresses represented by Noah Shark. More than just a traditional agency, Noah Shark bridges the talent gap that today’s firms and creatives - from production houses to photographers to directors - face in the increasingly demanding and discriminating entertainment space.


As a new firm that was looking to sign specific types of artists, it was difficult for Noah Shark Talent Agency to stand out among the vast number of agencies already out there.


By pledging to plant a tree with Tree Plan for each booking, Noah Shark was not only able to tempt more clients to book talent from their agency, but even attracted certain clients to sign an exclusive deal with them. Moreover, artists are pleased to know a tree is planted for each day on the job.

Case Study: Amsterdam Independent Film Festival

(plant trees in exchange for volunteers)


The glitz and glamour of showbusiness in the mainstream film festival circuit can sometimes detract from the true purpose of the event — the celebration of creative film-making. While the red carpets, the champagne parties, and the high admission prices may be good for grabbing headlines and driving profits, they may also prevent the dissemination of art to the audience.
The Amsterdam Independent Film Festival focuses on film. The festival will bring independent artistic visions to an audience that demands a more fulfilling experience than the latest Hollywood fare.

Amsterdam Independent Film Festival, treeplan, tree cultivation, co2 neutral, plant a tree, planting, tree plan, environmental governance, tree planting, ecology, marketing


As with any cultural event the available budget is often limited. The festival needed professional jury members, but didn't have the means to pay them for their time and efforts.


The Amsterdam Independent Film Festival implemented Tree Plan with the recruitment of the jury members. By offering to plant a number of trees in return for the jury members their time and efforts, the festival was able to attract a professional jury team, boost up the festival environmental friendly image, reduce the cost to an absolute minimum and plant 500 trees.

Case Study:

(closing exclusive deals by planting trees)

ABOUT THE CLIENT is a Belgium-based online art gallery offering signed and numbered prints and original art work by new and esthablished artists, such as Per Kirkeby, Arne Quinze, Karel Appel, Frans Minnaert, Hans Hartung, Luc Tuymans, Oskar Kokoschka, Martha Grünenwaldt, Roger Raveel, Bengt Lindström, Sam Middleton, Larry Clark, Judyta Krawczyk Alex Claude, Ed Templeton, Nobuyoshi Araki, Sol LeWitt, David Hockney, and many more.

Artyish tree plan environmental governance tree planting ecology marketing treeplan cultivation co2 neutral plant a tree


The profitability of a company such as Artyish is highly dependent on having the right types of artworks on offer. As part of an expansion effort and in order to onboard new creatives it was imperative to be able to offer them something distinctive and motivating.


To attract a greater number of interesting artists to sign an exclusive deal with them, Arthyish has started planting 50 trees for each and every artwork sold through their online platform. Although this beneficial ecological campaign was not solely responsible for the vast expansion of their artist portfolio, it certainly was one of its standout elements to attract talent. Besides believing in the power of the Artyish platform, featured artists are greatly pleased that selling their work now has a positive ecological impact as a bonus and are less likely to churn. Since making use of Tree Plan's services, Artyish saw their artist portfolio double, thus making the expansion a success.

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