Tree Plan
Reforesting the Planet

Tree Plan is guided by sustainability. Our marketing services combine environmental, social, and commercial goals into a single focus. We work with individuals, businesses and organizations, empowering them to reforest the planet and reconnect with nature while still realizing their business goals. Essentially, we partner with people and businesses to plant more trees!

Tree Plan is an umbrella program supporting over 14 other tree cultivation organizations around the world. From Mangroves in the Philippines, over Congo, Tanzania, Malawi, Bangladesh, Palestine… to reforesting burned down forests in Australia and California.


Tree Plan is a for-profit sustainable business. This means that partnering businesses can fully deduct their support from their taxable income. With normal donations, companies can deduct up to 50%, if they’re fortunate. Tree Plan, however, is 100% deductible.

When businesses partner with tree plan, they can plant a single tree for every purchase, or go all out and offer to plant an entire forest for each deal! A single tree is just a tree, while a Tree Plan forest is equal to 50 trees, approximately a whole acre of forest! That is a lot of trees and is a wonderful means of supporting the future of our planet.